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Merry Meadows Farm, Inc.

Welcome to Merry Meadows Farm, Inc. We are located in the beautiful Little Lake Valley in North of Willits, Mendocino County, California. In northern California, about halfway between San Francisco and the Oregon border, you will find a charming little town nestled in a beautiful valley surrounded by rolling hills. Willits is known as the “Heart of Mendocino County—Gateway to the Redwoods”. Visitors can enjoy the world-famous Skunk Train, the Mendocino County Museum, and the Roots of Power steam logging equipment display, as well as quaint shops and restaurants. Our annual 4th of July event, Willits Frontier Days, boasts of being the oldest continuous rodeo in the state of California. Attracted to the small town atmosphere, mild weather and beautiful scenery, we purchased a 300 acre farm on the northeast corner of the valley. Our flock started very small with a few Finn-cross ewes. Finn sheep are known for their ability to produce and raise multiple lambs with triplets and quadruplets being quite common. Needless to say, our flock grew quite rapidly. In the early years, we tried to market lambs for meat, but our soft hearts would break every time we saw our babies leaving the safety of the farm. We had been breeding our ewes to a very nice retired champion Targhee ram, and some of the lambs had beautiful fleeces. In 1996, we purchased a Merino ram to breed to our Targhee cross ewes. When those first Merino-cross lambs were born, we knew we wanted to focus on wool production. About that time, we stopped selling our lambs. All sheep born here are allowed to live out their natural lives here on the farm. Currently, we have approximately 150 sheep, ranging in age from 1 to 15 years old.

In 1997, we purchased a small group of purebred Cormo sheep. We fell in love with the soft, dense, bright white fleeces. We added more Cormos to our flock and started to breed our ewes to Cormo rams. While we still maintain a group of purebred Cormos, the majority of our sheep are now Cormo-Merino crosses. In addition to our fine-wooled white sheep, we have a nice group of natural- colored sheep. Our first Cormo ram produced black lambs when bred to our colored ewes. By breeding these half-Cormo black sheep to our moorit Merino ram, we have developed a nice little flock of natural-colored sheep in lovely shades of grey and brown. We began showing our fleeces in 1997. Our first show was the California National Wool Show and our Merino ram’s fleece won Supreme Grand Champion. Since then, our fleeces have won that coveted award a total of three times. Even more important to us is the consistency with which our fleeces win Best Hand-spinning Fleece awards. We are blessed to live here, and consider it a bit of a sanctuary for man and beast alike. We take our stewardship of the land and animals very seriously and do our best to maintain a healthy, stress-free environment. If you ever need a break from the hustle and bustle of life, come visit us. Bring the family and your camera. Take a walk through the pastures and meet the sheep and all the other critters that call Merry Meadows Farm home.